Best badminton rackets you can buy online for less than 3000!


5.MaxBolt Black 

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Maxbolt black

MaxBolt Black Badminton Racquet is designed for speed with Armor frame and it is designed and engineered in Korea. It is a head heavy racquet for smashes which gives amazing performance. The racquet comes with customized superior quality racquet bag holder. Best Badminton Racket.



  • Tension                          30LBS
  • Weight                           83+/-2g
  • Balance Point                295+/-3 
  • Balance                         Head Heavy
  • Frame Material              Japanese HMC
  • Grip Size                        G3


4.Apacs Finapi 232

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Finapi 232, a legendary racket known for it high tension capacity upto 38 LBS (Highest in the industry) and extreme durability from Apacs. Finapi 232 is developed with Carbon Nanotube material which increases the impact and bending strength of frame and shaft. Further, the base graphite material of racket is 24T Japan high grade graphite material. This badminton racket is developed with new concept known as Triple Speed System Frame which gives additional power and strength to racket frame helps in better playing characteristics.



  • Tension                         38LBS
  • Weight                          85g
  • Balance Point               285+/-3 
  • Balance                        Balanced
  • Frame Material            Graphite, Carbon Fibre
  • Grip Size                      G1

3.Young Y-flash i-Speed

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Y flash I-speed


Light in body and heavy in head makes these 2 benefits compliment each other to produce heavy smashes without tremendous effort. It also enable you to move the racket like a sword and to deliver a very fast and sharp execution.


The racket is made of ultra high modulus carbon graphite material which has higher strength and rigidity properties. It avoids frame deformation and twisting, provides you a more stable and accurate attack point.



  • Tension                           32LBS
  • Weight                            84g
  • Balance Point               302mm
  • Balance                          Head Heavy
  • Frame Material            Ultra High Modulus Graphite


2.Mizuno Accelarc 757

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Aerodynamic Frames significantly reduces the amount of drag and maximizes racquet head speed impact.

Wide Body Frame

The frame's circumference is thinner than standard racquets, this technology reduces vibration as it disperses the impact more evenly around the frame. Due to the aerodynamic design, the racquet's overall speed increases with lesser power needed.

Rapid Response System

The Rapid Response System is an innovative technology aimed at delivering explosive power with every shot. By carefully calibrating the kick-point on the shaft, a moderate snapping back and a quick spring back creates a faster and more accurate smash.


  • WEIGHT/SIZE      : 4U5
  • FLEX                      : Medium
  • MAX TENSION     : 28lbs

1.Apacs Z-Ziggler

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Z ziggler is designed to give you faster sharper smashes and at the same time let you enjoy the precise drop shot and netting play. The racket was developed with the new "triple speed system frame" which combines exceptional power and great handling, and overall improve execution with power and more control. Designed with compact frame, which increases the speed in the swing, and overall improve execution with power and more control. Extra slim shaft is more aerodynamic and reduces air resistance making your shot stronger and more intense shot.



  • Tension                            38LBS
  • Weight                             84g
  • Balance Point              290+/-3 
  • Balance                          Balanced
  • Frame Material            30T Japan High Modulus Graphite
  • Grip Size                          G4

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